Sunday, June 16, 2013

salt lake city longarm quilter/ mini quilt

strata mini by nanotchka
strata mini, a photo by nanotchka on Flickr.

Some days you just have to step back and just play a little in your workroom! All of my orders were caught up, I was ready for my next show in Reno Nevada next week and I had even finished my yardwork.....what to do!! I decided just to play a little and make myself a little piece of fiber art to hang for summer. This is what I came up with!


  1. Sweet little floral! Like the striped background.

  2. Oh my goodness! Is this for real? I thought it was a painting. My, this is really creative and one of a kind work of art! It’s a handicraft too beautiful for words. You know what, this work really amazed me. Great job! Hope to see more and be inspired more!

    PhD Degree

  3. Hi, I love this quilt, so creative! I live in SLC too, do you teach any classes?

    1. Yes, I have a studio in Sugarhouse and we're adding on to give me a larger classroom. I will be on the road teaching until the first of February. Check back on my blog then or visit my website for class dates.

    2. Great, I live in Sugarhouse,looking forward to any quilting classes you might offer. Trying to picture where you are. Are you affiliated with Pipers?