Wednesday, January 27, 2010

advent swap 2009

I am very very late in posting a picture of all of the fabulous "pressies" that I received in the 2009 Advent Swap from Kaylee in Australia!  Can you believe all of the wonderful things that she sent to me!  There were so many handmade gifts, like the tiny hand-beaded handbag pin and the hand-stitched basket of cheeries that is pictured here but sits in a frame on my worktable.  The Handmade ornaments are amazing and I haven't figured out how she made them yet.  My favorite thing in the world is fabric and she sent such special pieces that have Australian prints and some beautiful Japanese fabrics too.  The Australian cards are too pretty to send.  Lots of trims and special handmade items as you can see!  My final gift was the candy cane doll!  She looked so precious hanging next to my entryway table filled with candy canes between Christmas Day and New Years Day!  My friends and family were very impressed!  What a fun swap and we had so much fun chatting back and forth across the world.  I plan to keep in touch!  Thanks again Kaylee for being such an amazing swap partner and making it so much fun!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

quilting 2009

Celebrating a wonderful year of quilting and exploration with a mosaic of my quilts and a mosaic of some of my favorites from other quilters that I have followed on Flickr...
My quilts

Some of my favorites!  Inspiration for 2010!