Friday, December 18, 2009

Boys wallet giveaway

GIVEAWAY! My first blog giveaway! I asked the ORBQA group for help with ideas for Christmas gifts for my four small grandsons and received so many terriffic suggestions that I couldn't begin to make them all this year. I loved the idea of making "man" wallets for the boys to hold some gift cards that they could use after Christmas! I poured over the internet for wallet tutorials and took my favorite bits and pieces from each one to put together this "boys wallets". I chose fabrics for each one that I thought they would love and began to sew! I kind of got carried away and made 6 wallets and I only have four grandsons! What to do! How about giving away two of the wallets? Up for grabs is the baseball wallet that you see here and another boys print!I'll also include two fat quarters of fun novelty prints to make your own! The BYU wallet is for my oldest grandson who is an avid BYU football fan and another grandson loves camouflage and gets the animal wallet. Just leave a comments and tell me what about your favorite internet tutorial. Would anyone be interested in a tutorial for the boys wallet? Just let me know and I'll post it (after Christmas). THanks again to everyone who took the time to give me so many suggestions that will be used I'm sure this year for birthdays and for next Christmas when I plan a little further ahead!

The giveaway will close at midnight MST December 22nd. I will draw a name a post the winners on Decmeber 23rd.

AND THE WINNERS ARE: The random generator picked numbers 1 and 4! As soon as I have your mailing address I will get your wallet and fat quarters off to you! I will do a tutorial for the wallets after Christmas! Have a Merry Christmas everyone and a Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Whenever I have scraps and odds and ends floating around it seems to give me the excuse to make a few pincushions! Scraps from a Christmas quilt needed that little extra something to make them special enough for one of my pin cushions. I played around a little bit in my embroidery software and came up with this design with four snowflakes. I think these will make fun Christmas gifts and I may even put a few up on my etsy shop. I added heat set crystals to the center of the snowflakes and the stacked buttons. These were just too fun to make....I hope my friends enjoy them and bring them out each year for their Christmas sewing!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

I found an online grouop that is for pincushion lovers. Great source for new pincushion tutorials and lots of chatter about favorite stuffing and lots of sources of all thing Pincushion! They have a "Birthday Stickpin" swap each year and I found them just in time to join for the upcoming year. You make a beautiful stickpin for each person in the group and send them off to the administrator...then...when it's your birday you receive a package full of 22 different wonderful pins to use in your pincushion collection. I will have to wait for June to receive mine but I have postsed a picture of the 22 pins that I made before I put them in the post. It was really a fun project to put together. You truly do learn something new every day if you try!