Wednesday, January 18, 2012

sewing studio wall

sewing studio wall by nanotchka
sewing studio wall, a photo by nanotchka on Flickr.

It's the new year and I'm finally back on track and ready to blog again. I have so many new projects in progress and I'm excited to share them. My studio is organized and is such a pleasure to work in. You can see my studio wall here with all of my new shelves for my collection of fat quarters. I will share more views of my studio in the coming weeks. The little white chair stacked with my mother in laws vintage bread pans full of fat quarters was the chair my husband sat on to have his hair cut when he was a boy! You can see that my shelves on the wall on filled with memorabelia. These are some of the things that inspire me and bring back so many memories as I work.


  1. that fat quarter tower is amazing!
    such a great wall of goodness. :)

  2. Hi Nanette, lovely to see you in BLOG land again, I was beginning to think you had disappeared. Cheers Kaylee

  3. So fabulous...I love the haircut chair.