Tuesday, August 2, 2011

quilting on my longarm

 One of the first quilts to come off of my new Innova longarm quilting machine!  This is one of my favorite scrappy quilts, just perfect for a man I think.  This is one of 23 quilt tops stacked and waiting to be quilted.  I will be posting them as they are finished and I think you will be surprised at some of the less "traditional" quilts.  I love to explore new patterns and designs as well as using unexpected fabrics in my quilts.  What a shame that these lovely cottons from Texas are no longer being made after over 100 years of making some of the finest cottons in the U.S.A.!  Another mill lost and gone forever.
 I decided that this quilt just needed a nice geometric edge to edge quilting so that the detail of the piecing could shine!  I used  a little of every piece of Mission Valley that I could find!
 This scrappy quilt called for a scrappy binding!  Watch for a tutorial on this fun binding for a "stash" quilt.
This is actually the very first quilt that I quilted on my new longarm.  This is a special quilt that I was in the process of making for my mother for mother's day when she passed away in April.  Now that it is finished it will be given to a very special friend.

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  1. I love your scrappy quilt!! Does the pattern have a name, or is there a pattern available?