Tuesday, June 1, 2010

scrap quilt

scrap quilt
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I had a stack of sample squares from Mission Valley Textiles in Texas floating around my sewing room for years! Their fabrics were all fabulous yarn dyed cottons so the colors are as vibrant on the wrong side as they are the right side! In fact you really can't see a wrong or right side on this yarn dyed beauties! I had been waiting for just the right pattern to make a scrappy quilt that could use the wide assortment of plaids, checks and colors. milliemorgan on flickr posted a quilt she had made using this pattern. I loved it! You could tell that it was really a stash buster and the more varied the prints and colors the better! The pattern was originally printed in McCall's quilting magazine in August of 2007. I was able to find a copy on ebay!. This is the result! What a fast and easy pattern to do! I mixed it up a little from the original by shuffling my triangles after I cut my blocks in half! Can you see the pattern? the original pattern had you cut your block in half and sew a 1 1/2 inch strip in the middle, rejoining the two cut triangles to the center strip. But I mixed up my cut blocks and then started sewing the strips into the blocks! I really like the result! An even scrappier quilt don't you think? Then you lay your blocks out so that the strips form the on point squares! I made the entire quilt top in one day! Fast, easy and I think it would be fun in so many different types of fabrics. What a fun way to use a charm pack or two! I plan on making it up in something completely different just so I can compare the results! Let me know if you try this one! Wouldn't it make a fun baby quilt?

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