Sunday, December 6, 2009

I found an online grouop that is for pincushion lovers. Great source for new pincushion tutorials and lots of chatter about favorite stuffing and lots of sources of all thing Pincushion! They have a "Birthday Stickpin" swap each year and I found them just in time to join for the upcoming year. You make a beautiful stickpin for each person in the group and send them off to the administrator...then...when it's your birday you receive a package full of 22 different wonderful pins to use in your pincushion collection. I will have to wait for June to receive mine but I have postsed a picture of the 22 pins that I made before I put them in the post. It was really a fun project to put together. You truly do learn something new every day if you try!


  1. Is it too late for me to join this year? Your pins are lovely.

  2. Hi Nannette, I would love to "check out" these pinchusions, would appreciate if you would send me the link of the group. Cheers Kaylee (2009 ADVENT SWAP)

  3. greeting Nanotcha
    i saw yr beautiful works in flikers..i really love yr work ..hope u don't mind i link u..

    happy holidays n merry x'mas

  4. I would love to join a "pincushion" group too! Is it too late to join? Maybe we'll have to start another group!