Wednesday, August 29, 2012

qiana quilt/Salt Lake City longarm quilter

qiana quilt by nanotchka
qiana quilt, a photo by nanotchka on Flickr.

This whole cloth quilt is made with fabric that I used for Bridal parties when I had a Bridal Shop in Salt Lake City in the 80's. The fabric is Qiana. they stopped making this luxurious fabric in the late 80's because it became more expensive to produce than silk! I bought up alot of it because it had the look and feel of silk but was wshable! This Qiana is a very fine knit so I backed this quilt with a fine soft tricot to keep the whole quilt soft and silky! I love the puffy result and the elegant look and feel! The challenge was putting the two knits on the longarm frame and not stretching it to death when I rolled the quilt!

The sheen of the fabric gives such a luxurious effect that I can't wait to do more! What a great gift for the holidays to just about anyone! I have some unique colors as well to work with so it should be fun to make a few more. I used a rayon thread for the quilting that also adds to the elegance of the quilt.

Drop by the studio and touch this one!